Any work that is assigned for the class will be posted on this page. In addition, I will post announcements and tentative weekly schedules for your information. If, after the week passes, the weekly schedule had endured alterations of any type (due to unforeseen issues like snow-days, standardized testing schedules, etc.), I will simply adjust the day's information with that which was covered.

Although it is still important for each of you to maintain your own notes in relation to deadlines, classwork, and so forth, you can refer to this page as a reinforcement of the work expected. In the event of an absence (excused or unexcused), the student is responsible for checking in with me to receive a thorough understanding of what was missed.

While on most occasions, both classes / groups will be together -- some activities, examinations, etc will need to be differentiated. For such cases, a designation will be placed next to the item.
  • AH = Art History class
  • APAH = Advanced Placement Art History class

WEEK-AT-A-GLANCE (Tentative)

.....Patched in >>>

FRIDAY (04/20)

Michelangelo: Introduction
We covered his beginnings (family, personality, setting). His early works were discussed - Madonna of the Stairs, Vatican Pieta'

MONDAY (04/23)

Michelangelo: Part 2 (The Sculptor; the Painter)
Today we will continue our investigation of Michelangelo.
Homework: Read all information in Art in Focus text related to Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo.

TUESDAY (04/24)

Michelangelo: Part 3 (The Painter)


QUIZ - Michelangelo, Raphael


Reminder (AH, APAH):
Don't forget to continue working on your specific investigation of the "episode" from the "Life of Christ". Reference the following link to the page that explains the assignment. Have something substantial on your page by Monday (04/30).

  • AH - Bring to tomorrow's class a paper containing 5 pieces of information on Leonardo (his life, work, etc.) that you will use towards your project. These facts cannot be taken from any of today's discussion / lecture and must be gleaned from your own investigation. I will collect these when you enter the classroom!
  • APAH - Essay prompt on Michelangelo's David - due tomorrow. I will collect these at the beginning of class!

THURSDAY (04/26)

TIME GIVEN TO WORK IN-CLASS: This is the only in-class time given for work on the project.

FRIDAY (04/27)

High Renaissance in Venice

Reminders (AH, APAH) - If need be, use this weekend to develop either of these for TUESDAY...
  1. "Life of Christ" entry (on your wiki page)
  2. Leonardo Movie Project (AH) -or- Reformation / Counter-Reformation Project
    Take necessary measures; if you need a laptop, take the initiative to sign one out in time.

MONDAY (04/30)

• By the onset of class today, students (AH, APAH) should have "substantial material" placed within their own wiki-page, as it relates to the "Life of Christ" assignment. I will check on these on my own, so you should have material present on your wiki pages!

First half of the period:
TIME GIVEN TO WORK IN-CLASS: OKAY - so, I'm giving you all half of the period for this today (a gracious gift :))

Second half of the period:
  • Mannerism - intro (AH, APAH)
  • Baroque - part 1

  • AH, APAH - If you need to wrap things up for your presentations tomorrow, tonight is the time to do so.
  • APAH - You should have read through the chapters dealing with the Baroque (17th Century) by tomorrow.

TUESDAY (05/01)

First half of the period:

Second half of the period:
Baroque - part 2


Baroque (part 2)

  • AH, APAH - review the following pages; read through the text and examine the paintings that have been linked.
    You should have a clear understanding of:
    1) the Reformation & Counter-Reformation and the effects each had on the art produced throughout Europe regionally.
    2) The stylistic characteristics of a "Baroque" work
    3) The differences found in the 17th Century art of the "North".

THURSDAY (05/03)

Baroque (part 3) - we covered the art of the 17th Century Dutch painters, who working at the same time as the European Baroque artists, created art that was extremely different than everyone else. Both in style and subject matter, these Dutch artists reflected the tastes of middle class patronage (in addition to the refined commissions from the high classes). The reasons for many of the differences in their art has much to do with the make-up of the region and the divergent views on religion at the time. We read through the material Gardner text as a class and used this to aid our discussion.

FRIDAY (05/04)

• CHECK FOR GRADE: "Life of Christ" entry (on your wiki page); While you are taking the exam, I will be visiting each of your wiki pages in order to check the progress of your work related to this assignment. By now, you should have a good deal of information placed within this document.

Here is the RUBRIC with which I will be assessing your page.....

1. Labels - Your page should contain...
  • Main heading (i.e. PASSION: The Betrayal of Christ)
  • Your name (i.e. John Doe)

2. Organization / layout
  • Alignment of image and / or text should be considered, in order to make the delivery of your information easy and enjoyable for the reader. Refer to your favorite magazines, books, etc. and consider what makes them enjoyable / successful in communicating the material to you. Try incorporating this same approach with your document.
  • This same organization applies to your written material. Structure your words, sentences, paragraphs according to proper grammar conventions.

3. Quantity of information
  • Briefly describe the fundamental story that you are exploring.
  • Reference at least 3 symbols (and their meaning) that relate to your chosen topic / theme (i.e. 30 pieces of silver = betrayal)

4. Quality of information
  • The information should be accurate, meaningful to the topic / theme you are researching.

Exam: Mannerism & Baroque -- [first 40 minutes of period] <LINK>

Rococo & Neoclassicism - intro

  • APAH
    • Reference this LINKand complete the material. You are encouraged to use any and all resources available to you throughout this activity. This should be submitted no later than Wednesday (05/09).
    • Read material relating to Rococo, Neoclassicism, (& Romanticism - if time permits)
  • AH - read material related to Rococo and Neoclassicism (in your Art in Focus text)
  • AH, APAH
    • Reminder >> JOURNAL ENTRY (due on Monday, 05/07)
    • Reminder >> Everyone was given the option of ameliorating their scores for the previous assessment (related to High Renaissance - Michelangelo / Raphael); reference the instructions given to you for specifics. If you are doing this, the collection date is Monday (05/07).
    • Extra-credit opportunity (issued on 05/04): not required, but should you desire additional points towards your grade, complete the attached compare/contrast graphic organizer. Upload and link to your individual wiki-page by Wednesday (05/09). Do this on your own time and notify me personally that you have it uploaded. At this time, I will check it for quality and assess its worth / point value.

MONDAY (05/07)

• Collected at the beginning of class >> JOURNAL ENTRY: Renaissance vs. Baroque
• Collect "corrections" of your incorrect responses (from the Michelangelo / Raphael assessment) - hard-copies only
Rococo & Neoclassicism


TUESDAY (05/08)

Neoclassicism & Romanticism

  • AH - Read chaptes (Art in Focus) related to Realism (including Impressionism) - by Thursday's class (05/10)
  • APAH - Read chaptes (Gardner text) related to Realism (including Impressionism) - by Thursday's class (05/10)
  • AH, APAH -Examine Gericault's Raft of the Medusa for tomorrow's classroom discussion.


• AH, APAH - Collect Extra-credit opportunity (see above); I will check for your uploaded submission (to your wiki page).
• APAH - Your homework is due today (related to chapters 22 and 23; assigned on Friday, 05/04).
Review: Neoclassicism, Romanticism

  • AH, APAH - Study all material on Neoclassicism & Romanticism
  • AH, APAH -Examine Manet's Luncheon on the Grass for tomorrow's classroom discussion.

THURSDAY (05/10)

Realism (namely the work of Manet)
• Exams returned to students (from last Friday - 05/04)

  • APAH - Read chaptes (Gardner text) related to Realism (including Impressionism) - a SECOND time
  • AH - Read chaptes (Art in Focus) related to Realism (including Impressionism) - a SECOND time

FRIDAY (05/11)

Exam: Neoclassicism, Romanticism -- [first 40 minutes of period]
• An "activity" relating to ... Realism (possibly Impressionism)

MONDAY (05/14)
Impressionism (part 2)

TUESDAY (05/15)

Assignment: Post-Impressionist Artist (2 in-class days devoted to this)
Today, each of you were assigned an artist for exploration / research. The class period was designated for research, with respect to your artist. The information you need to find is located on the page labeled "POST IMPRESSIONISM". Place your images, text, etc. on a page of your choosing (your own personal wiki page, another page freshly-created, or on a word / google doc). You will have tonight and tomorrow's class period to develop what you have begun today.

By the beginning of class on Thursday (05/17), I will expect each of your "explorations" to be completed thoroughly. We will be examining each of the pages as a class and my teacher-expectation is that your work can be rolled-into one comprehensive document for all of us to easily access / view. My ultimate hope is that I can link your particular work (related to your artist) to my main "POST IMPRESSIONISM" page.

  • AH, APAH - Impressionism prompts for wiki page
    Written on the board are prompts / questions. Place the framework of questions / prompts into your wiki page (during the first 5 minutes of class) and complete by the beginning of tomorrow's class.

    The work will be assessed based on the following:
    > QUALITY / accuracy of information
    > QUANTITY of information
    > FORMAT (essentially, the overall "look" or appearance of the material added to the page)

• Due at beginning of class - your homework assigned yesterday on "Impressionism" (I will examine your wiki pages and assess for points).
Post-impressionism (in-class assignment > day 2 of 2)
[Announced today - 05/16]
IMPORTANT: As the semester comes to a close...

Blocks 3 & 4 - Final Exams (ALL CLASSES / ALL GRADE LEVELS)

  • Final Exams will be administered on Tuesday (May 29).
  • Please ensure that your text book has been collected on this date as well.
  • AH, APAH - Post-Impressionist (exploration of an individual artist)
    • See link for further information; If you prefer the file, download the attachment here >
    • We will be examining each of these tomorrow in class.
    • If you feel you are "finished", I encourage you to reflect on that this evening and see if there is more you can do (finishing touches, edits, additional refinements, etc.)
    • Have them completed thoroughly and be prepared to serve as an "authority" on your artist.

THURSDAY (05/17)
Post-Impressionism (final discussion)
Student presentations to the class on each of the Post-Impressionist artists examined.

FRIDAY (05/18) - half-day
Post-Impressionism (final discussion)
Student presentations to the class on each of the Post-Impressionist artists examined.

MONDAY (05/21)
Birth of the "-isms"
Students: click on this LINK in order to view today's assignment.

TUESDAY (05/22)
Modern art (Early 20th Century):
-Review work from Monday (Fauvism, German Expressionism)
-Picasso (intro, Women of Avignon)

Announcing: Review for FINAL

Modern art (Early 20th Century):
-Picasso (Guernica)

THURSDAY (05/24)

FRIDAY (05/25)

MONDAY (05/28)
MEMORIAL DAY - no school

TUESDAY (05/29)
Blocks 3 & 4 - Final Exams (ALL CLASSES / ALL GRADE LEVELS)
  • Final Exams will be administered on Tuesday (May 29).
  • Please ensure that your text book has been collected on this date as well.

  1. INSTRUCTION SHEET -go to "pages and files" and download "final exams_instructions"
  2. IMAGES - go to "pages and files" and download "final exam_images.pdf"

Blocks 1 & 2 - Senior Final Exams

THURSDAY (05/31)

FRIDAY (06/01)

MONDAY (06/04)

TUESDAY (06/05)


THURSDAY (06/07)

FRIDAY (06/08)