Wednesday, April 19
  • Introductory question – at beginning of class… What makes this a “Renaissance” painting?

  • Blank maps provided: given for reference, as we navigate throughout the discussion of “all things Renaissance”.
    • European (ca. 1500)
    • Italy – regional divisions (ca. 1400-1500)

  • outline-map-of-renaissance-europe-with-blank-map-of-europe-worksheet.jpg

map italy renaissance_blank.jpg

  • Taking a look at an artist from Italy’s “High Renaissance”…
    • Raphael
      • Introduction
      • His work, namely the School of Athens (Philosophy)
Bold links were used in class, specifically; other are for supplementary investigation on your end.
  • Link to class wikipage on High Renaissance – High Renaissance
  • Link to material on Raphael – Raphael
  • Large version of the School of Athens (c/o Wikipedia Commons) - link
  • The School of Athens (c/o Wikipedia) - link
  • The School of Athens (c/o Columbia Univ.) - video clip
  • The School of Athens (c/o Smart History) - video clip
  • The School of Athens (c/o Prof. K. Mencher) - video clip
  • Interesting "Discussion Question" (c/o Prof. K. Mencher) between the School of Athens and Masaccio's Holy Trinity - link
  • Compilation of Raphael's "best works" (amateur video, but well compiled) - video clip
  • Michelangelo & Raphael (c/o Smarthistorystudents)- video clip
  • Information about Raphael's ​Stanza (c/o Columbia Univ.) - link